Paying it Forward

Roots. They ground us, and at the same time provide us with the strength to grow and change. 

So it is with Farr Associates Consulting LLC. FAC’s work has always been grounded in a belief in the power of philanthropy. It is our mission to help our clients harness that power and make a difference in the world. 

As we launch FAC’s new website, I want to take the opportunity to acknowledge our company’s founder and Chair, Lona Farr. Her work in this field gave roots not only to FAC, but to our Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and to many an individual fundraiser’s professional career.

Lona’s legacy is one of superb management and leadership. She set up systems in her time as alumni director at Muhlenberg College that were still in place a decade later when I assumed that role. When I joined Farr Associates Consulting LLC in 2010, I again benefited from the systematic approaches she developed, this time for our feasibility studies, capital campaigns, audits and executive searches.

But the most important lesson learned from Lona is the importance of being a leader in our nonprofit world. This means using best practices and experience-based creativity to help organizations establish a culture of philanthropy. At FAC, we put our expertise to work to help you, our nonprofit client, to advance your mission and transform lives.  

It’s time to pay forward the incredible gift of mentoring and inspiration that Lona Farr has shared for so many years. Like our company, this column grows from very deep and solid roots. Stay tuned!

Paying it Forward
by Marcella Moyer Schick, President and Senior Managing Member