Retreat and Workshop Facilitation

When you need to update your strategic direction, clarify board and staff roles and responsibilities, outline operational plans, or train volunteers or staff to implement new development programs, turn to MMS Advancement Associates LLC. We offer interactive sessions based on adult learning principles to ensure that your participants leave ready for action. Through this process, your organization will reaffirm and strengthen its mission, vision and values; focus and prioritize goals; and build capacity.

“Thanks for a thoughtful and engaging day and a half. The possibilities for the future are even more positive than before armed with this analysis and set of priorities.”

Rev. Glenn Miller
Vice President for External Relations
SpiriTrust Lutheran

Retreat and Workshop Facilitation Process 

MMS Advancement Associates LLC tailors the format and content of all planning retreats and workshops to the specific interests and needs of your organization. We use presentation techniques that encourage active participation driven by a fast-paced and meaningful agenda so participants leave with a profound sense of purpose. We will:

  • Gather information about key strategic issues facing your organization;
  • Develop an appropriate agenda often focusing on mission, vision, values, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, stakeholder needs and interests, and critical issues;
  • Assist your group in reaching consensus on your organization’s vision and broad strategic direction;
  • Facilitate follow-up sessions as needed;
  • Prepare meeting summaries and draft documents as needed.


MMS Advancement Associates LLC carefully plans and facilitates retreat and workshop sessions so that participants are engaged in the process and invested in the results. Participants become aware of the strengths and diversity of the organization and are united by a shared vision and goals.

Contact us today to learn more about our retreat and workshop facilitation services and how they can strengthen your nonprofit.