Information Gathering and Analysis

A nonprofit organization must understand its position in the community to build lasting relationships with donors and to transform lives. This information also provides an important foundation for strategic planning. MMS Advancement Associates LLC has extensive experience in conducting community research. Services include focus groups, internal assessments, community needs and benefit assessments, and market surveys.

“Marcella Schick and her associate created a setting during our Focus Group sessions and staff interviews that encouraged thoughts and ideas that would provide the basis for our plan”

Gregg J. Wagner
St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
Audubon, PA

Information Gathering and Analysis Process

MMS Advancement Associates LLC has built a reputation for its ability to conduct effective market research through interviews and focus groups. These methods of soliciting input and feedback from stakeholders and the community provide invaluable relationship-building opportunities for any nonprofit seeking philanthropic support and community partnerships. During this process, We will:

  • Define the goals, target audience, stakeholders and service area for the research study;
  • Establish a team to assist with the study;
  • Conduct in-depth interviews with key informants who can provide significant information and insights to help you understand community need, interpret data and explore ways to meet those needs;
  • Conduct focus groups to gather information from key groups of stakeholders;
  • Review and analyze all data collected.


Armed with an understanding of community stakeholder needs and perceptions, your organization will be able to set priorities for your programs and services. You will be prepared to respond proactively to trends and changes in your community and plan for changes in policies and priorities that may influence future program regulations or funding. The information gathered through the assessment also will provide materials for a well-documented case for support from government or private grants or charitable contributions.

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