Running a successful nonprofit today is both challenging and fulfilling. MMS Advancement Associates LLC helps your management and development staff acquire the skills they need to work effectively as a team, build key relationships and cultivate volunteers and major gifts in support of your mission. Our consultants have earned the highest industry credentials and have years of experience as successful practitioners building effective nonprofit teams and fundraising for a variety of nonprofit organizations. They share this practical experience so your nonprofit benefits from lessons learned.

“I feel empowered by the expert knowledge you have imparted about how to take our efforts to the next level.”

Carol E. Lytch, Ph.D.
Lancaster Theological Seminary

Coaching Process

Whether your organization seeks ongoing development consulting or help with a specific issue, MMS Advancement Associates LLC will tailor our services to your particular needs. We work in partnership with you, delivering the support and skills your team members require. During our consultation, we will:

  • Review your organization’s needs, challenges and resources;
  • Establish goals for our engagement;
  • Provide expertise and training that is mission-centric;
  • Assess progress and make recommendations for further skill building.


Through our tailored approach to coaching, we ensure that you and your staff develop the skills you need to further your organization’s mission and philanthropic goals. Staff learn to identify and cultivate future board leaders and fundraising volunteers. Ultimately, your organization is strengthened to better pursue major gifts.

Contact us to learn how your organization can benefit from our mission-centric coaching for chief executives and chief development officers.