Board Recruitment, Training and Development

Good governance, critical to the success of every nonprofit, requires engaged board members who share their expertise, connections and financial support. MMS Advancement Associates LLC works with you to recruit motivated board members and help them understand their essential roles and responsibilities. When your trustees or directors successfully fulfill their responsibilities in strategic planning, fiscal management, fundraising, and leading with accountability and transparency, they help to ensure that your organization fulfills its mission and transforms lives.

“Thanks for the excellent work your firm did for Habitat Lehigh Valley. We have learned a lot about ourselves and a lot about the business of fundraising as a result.”

Andrew G. Scott
Board Chair
Habitat for Humanity

Board Recruitment, Training and Development Process

All of our work is tailored to the specific needs of each organization. To ensure that your organization is strengthened, MMS Advancement Associates will:

  • Meet with key staff and select board members to understand your goals as we begin our work together;
  • Assist your board with a self-assessment process and facilitates follow-up meetings for discussion and planning;
  • Evaluate the processes by which you recruit, orient and engage your board;
  • Recommend ways to strengthen your board and meet identified needs;
  • Provide board training and guidance as needed.


Your organization is strengthened as board members become more comfortable with their roles and responsibilities through guidance and training. Through their actions, reputation and leadership abilities, your board members continue to enhance public awareness and confidence in your organization.

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