Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study, also known as a philanthropic planning study, provides an objective assessment of your organization’s readiness to undertake a capital, endowment or comprehensive campaign and its fundraising potential. This comprehensive examination of internal and external resources includes interviews with key prospective donors, volunteers, staff members and community leaders.

“The feasibility study gave us credibility. We needed assurances that people were on board and that our expectations were realistic… Our donors were very impressed with the interview experience… The planning study gave me confidence to go forward and do what needed to be done.”

Nancy Beard, CFRE, President
United Church Homes and Services Foundation, Newton, North Carolina

Feasibility studies are a core service of MMS Advancement Associates LLC. We are highly experienced in interviewing philanthropists, community leaders and loyal, committed donors. Our gracious style helps to put potential donors at ease. Because of our deep experience with organizations that enjoy support from older adults, we often assess planned giving as part of our philanthropic planning studies.

Feasibility Study Process

Our philanthropic planning study includes a thorough examination of internal and external resources. Before we begin the actual study, we explore your goals for the fundraising campaign and then structure the planning study accordingly. During this process, we will:

  • Develop your case for support to help constituents understand why your project is crucial to meeting the needs of the people you serve as well as the general community;
  • Assess your fundraising successes and challenges;
  • Gain insights and build awareness of your project by engaging potential volunteers and donors in focus groups;
  • Interview key organization personnel, donors and community leaders;
  • Develop a comprehensive planning study report with findings, conclusions and recommendations, including an executive summary to be shared with key volunteers;
  • Present the planning study to your board and fundraising leadership.


Upon completion of the feasibility study, you will have a clear understanding of rational financial goals for your fundraising campaign and community perceptions of your organization. The study also will identify major potential donors and volunteers and make them aware of your campaign while engaging them in its planning. Finally, your organization’s internal resources will be positioned to meet the challenge of a successful major fundraising campaign.

To learn more about how a philanthropic planning study can prepare your organization for your next major fundraising campaign, contact us today.