Case Statements

A donor-centered case statement is a vital tool in the fundraising process because it helps to inspire generous support. A case statement provides a comprehensive look at your mission, organization and a particular project, helping donors and the community understand why your organization is worthy of their financial support. We believe that the process by which you arrive at the case statement is of paramount importance.

"Marcella Schick helped us wrap up a capital campaign at one of our communities. She is excellent at making case statements and linking mission with campaign planning. She worked with our particular situation, put pieces in place and trained staff and volunteers to get the job done."

Kenneth V. Daniel
President and CEO
United Church Homes, Inc.

Case Statement Process

MMS Advancement Associates LLC has assisted numerous organizations of all sizes and missions to articulate why their mission is worthy of support from the philanthropic community. During this process, we will:

  • Review information about your organization, including your importance in the community and your vision for the future;
  • Interview staff, community leaders, donors and volunteers;
  • Develop the case statement or work with your staff to draft a case statement tailored to your funding needs;
  • Develop additional materials needed to support your fundraising efforts, such as individual gift proposals or grant requests.


A well-written case statement describes your organization’s vision and need for philanthropic support in compelling language. In addition, a case statement helps you and your organization understand how to communicate in a donor-centered way to help philanthropic investors know they will make a difference with their gifts.

Turn to MMS Advancement Associates LLC to make a strong case for community support. Contact us today to learn more.