Positioning for a Capital Campaign

CEOs and board members often ask what they can do now to prepare for a capital campaign in the future. Here are several important ways you can gear up for capital fundraising starting today!

Inform and engage key leaders
We can’t overstate the importance of asking for input and advice. Check to see how involved volunteers, advisory and/or governing bodies and potential supporters have been in your planning, and make every effort to get them engaged.
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Cultivate a volunteer fundraising team
Form a resource development committee that will study fundraising principles and practices. This committee will seek advice and work with your fundraising consultant to formulate your fundraising strategy as your campaign plans unfold.

Build your donor base and record keeping systems
Capital campaign fundraising begins with your base of regular supporters. Use this time to improve your record keeping ability and fundraising software. Your fundraising consultant can make recommendations that will position you for a capital campaign.

Expand your prospect research
Prospect research refers to all the ways your organization gathers relevant information about potential donors. As you get to know your current donors and others in the community who care about your mission, you will build you pipeline of major gift and capital campaign prospects.

Create preliminary written materials
You will need to have a well thought out project, budget and reason for your capital campaign. When you do, prepare preliminary written materials describing your history, project rationale and case for support. Gather feedback as another means of engaging your volunteers and supporters.

We’ll address each of these areas in greater depth in future issues of Advancing Mission. Stay tuned!

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