Positioning for a Capital Campaign: Inform and Engage Key Leaders

Successful fundraising is all about relationships. Two types of relationships are critical in a capital campaign:

  • your key volunteers and
  • your key prospective donors

The ideal, of course, is to have volunteers including board members who are also pacesetters. It is never too soon to start identifying, informing and engaging these key leaders. But how?

Start a list of the key leaders of influence and affluence who you believe will make your future capital campaign a success. Who are your best prospects? Who of these people would make  committed and passionate campaign volunteers?

Strengthen relationships by asking for 45 minutes of time. Tell them that you will not be asking for money, but would like to have their insights and advice. There’s a fundraising adage that says, “Ask for money and you will get advice. Ask for advice, and you will get money.”

Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What is your perception of our organization and its services? What has been your experience? What have you heard from others?
  • How good a job do you believe we are doing in fulfilling our mission? What should we do differently in the future?
  • How might we expand our organization’s visibility?
  • How can we do a better job at telling our story and asking for philanthropic support?

Don’t forget to share a heartfelt story of a life your organization has changed. Be sure to say thank you for helping to change lives for years to come. Keep your deepening relationship going with notes of thanks, updates on your plans, personal invitations to visit your program, copies of articles that you know will be of interest.

The time you spend today informing and engaging future key leaders will position your organization for a successful capital campaign to advance your mission and transform lives!

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