Considering a Development Planning Retreat?

MMS Advancement Associates LLC can create a one to two-day Development Planning Retreat for your staff and/or volunteers. We will partner with you in advance to set goals for your retreat that are right for your organization. We will use our Development Planning Workbook to structure the planning process and will provide copies for each retreat participant.

Sample goals:

  • help staff and volunteers to establish priorities and set challenging and realistic goals for development;
  • give staff and volunteers a common language and framework for development planning;
  • connect the dots between your fundraising and relationship building strategies

 Your retreat agenda may include some or all of the following activities:

  • Group exercises: Celebrations; Reflections on personal philanthropy
  • A review of last year, including metrics/measureable data
  • Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Challenges
  • Donor needs and engagement
  • Advancing Mission: Are your development strategies a good fit?
  • Priority Focus Areas for Advancement
  • Draft Goals and Strategies in Focus Areas

Our Development Planning Workbook will provide you and your staff with a tool that may be used to continue your departmental planning process. Included are forms for:

  • adding specifics on measuring progress
  • assigning responsibility and setting timeframes
  • outlining a departmental calendar and budget
  • establishing action plans and tactics

We recommend that you and your staff prepare in advance for the retreat by gathering and beginning to analyze your fundraising metrics. We will work with you to determine what measurements may be most useful. We will also help you consider what other background information might be reviewed and summarized in advance to help inform your planning for the future.

The outcomes you can anticipate as a result of our work together include:

  • a value added process for you, your staff and/or volunteers;
  • an articulated set of high level goals and strategies on which your department can focus over the coming months;
  • an outline on which you and your staff can build your operational plans for the coming year;
  • a clarified understanding of each individual’s role in advancing the mission of your organization;
  • heightened teamwork and morale.

MMS Advancement Associates LLC is here to help you with Development Planning

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