Inspiring Generosity: Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Philanthropy means literally “love for humankind.” When we invite others to give and volunteer, we are giving them the opportunity to be part of something bigger than themselves and to make a difference in the world. How can we nurture a culture within our organizations that inspires generosity and transforms the lives of those we serve?

MMS Advancement Associates LLC President Marcella Moyer Schick ACFRE will lead a session at next week’s LeadingAge Annual Meeting and Expo in San Diego designed to answer that question.

Donor-centered relationship building is essential to building a culture of philanthropy. Marci will highlight research on effective fundraising and share insights on how to build a relationship based fundraising program. Donor centered communications demonstrate how donors are essential to achieving important goals and allow donors to fill the funding gap that creates abundant life for residents. A long term view, including focus on donor loyalty and estate giving, improves the effectiveness of a fundraising program.

The session will also illustrate, through a case study of MMS Advancement Associates’ client United Church Homes, how philanthropy begins at the top with board and key leadership. President/CEO Ken Daniel and former Board Chair Jim Henry will share how the leadership of United Church Homes went about informing and engaging constituents in the development, adoption and implementation of its new mission, vision and values statements and how it has tied the case for support of its 100th Anniversary Campaign for Abundant Life to the organization’s strategic plan.

UCH Vice President Gloria Hurwitz will cover key strategies for growing mission support from the “inside-out” by engaging board members, employees, residents, vendors and community partners in mission advancement efforts.

• Board members and other key volunteers host gatherings to introduce the organization’s mission impact programs.
• Employee giving campaigns help staff at all levels understand the joy of giving and the difference that gifts make.
• Resident committees build engagement and support among peers by responding to the unique culture of each community.
• Vendors and community business partners participate in mission with “impact gifts”.
• Community education programs and interdisciplinary conversations creates community benefit and fundraising opportunities.

See a copy of the handout for this LeadingAge session here.