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Zion's Liberty Bell Museum Strategic Planning

Assessment and Planning Advances Your Mission and Transforms Lives 

Every successful development program is built on a strong mission and vision and driven by carefully developed strategic and development plans. The strategic plan establishes a roadmap for advancing that mission and prioritizes fundraising efforts. Your assessment and development planning process can build broad support from staff and board and give your donors an understanding of how their gifts will make a difference. At MMS Advancement Associates LLC, we actively engage participants in assessment and planning efforts to ensure acceptance of your organization’s decisions. Ultimately, we strengthen your nonprofit organization so you can advance your mission and transform lives. Services include:

  • Audit and readiness assessments. During a development audit or readiness assessment, we carefully evaluate your organization’s current relationships and fundraising programs and makes recommendations for improving your fundraising effectiveness.
  • Development planning. A development plan supports your organization’s mission and long-range goals and is essential to a successful fundraising program. We lead your staff and volunteers in the development of a plan that addresses your organization’s particular needs with tailored strategies and campaigns to improve your fundraising results.
  • Retreat and workshop facilitation. When you need to update your strategic direction, clarify board and staff roles and responsibilities, outline operational plans, or train volunteers or staff to implement new development programs, turn to MMS Advancement Associates LLC. We offer interactive sessions based on adult learning principles to ensure that your participants leave ready for action.
  • Strategic Plan development. MMS Advancement Associates LLC believes that the strategic planning process is as important as the plan because it fosters acceptance of your team’s work. We engage your board and/or staff to help develop a clearly written plan that moves your strategic planning process forward with a sense of momentum.

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Photo compliments of Zion’s Liberty Bell Museum, Allentown, PA

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